Share ANY product.  Make 10% commission of every sale.

It’s really that easy.

1). Create Your Free Account

Your affiliate account is separate from your Getonfleek account, but you may link them.

2). Share Your Link

Share any product on Getonfleek to Facebook, Instagram, Reddit – really anywhere you want.

3). Earn 10%

You earn 10% commission on anyone who clicks your link and purchases within 7 days.

Affiliate Features

Easy setup

Your affiliate account will be up and running in minutes. Simply create a free account and start sharing.

Accurate Affiliate Tracking

We reliably track each unique visitor with 7-day cookies, using first-click attribution.

Real-time Reporting

Track affiliate-reffered visits, referrals, earnings and other statistics in real time, without delay.

Campaign Tracking

Segment and track your campaigns to get meaningful insight on what’s working.

Referral Link Generator

Affiliates can generate their own referral links from the Affiliate Area with the built-in referral link generator.

Custom Affiliate URLs

Choose pretty URL’s or non-pretty. Affiliates can create custom URLs for any campaign.

Stock Creative

Create your own or use ours.We’re always adding new photos and videos for you to use.

Fast Payouts

Cash out via PayPal once your earnings are greater than $50 and it’s been 30 days.

Payout Logs

Easily see a detailed log of every payout you have received or that’s due in your dashboard.

Partnership Program

10+ Million

Are you a publisher, influencer or social manager?

Become a partner with Getonfleek and make more money with higher payouts, direct bank transfers and joint promotions.  Contact us at [email protected]


Q: How much money do I make?
A: You will make 10% of every sale that comes from your referral link; excluding taxes and shipping.

Q: When someone clicks on my link, and they don’t purchase the first time but come back later, do I still get credit for that purchase?
A: Yes.  You will get credit for any purchase within 7 days of someone clicking on your referral link.

Q: How do I see my sales?
A: Track your sales, campaigns and overall progress in your dashboard.

Q: How do I get paid?
A: You can cash out via PayPal in your affiliate account once your earnings are greater than $50 and it’s been 30 days.

Q: Can I purchase from my own affiliate link?
A: No, but you can contact us for a special discount.

Have any questions, comments or concerns?
Contact us: [email protected]

Important Note:
1. We do not allow paid promotion on Google Ads or any other search results platform, as these ads will compete with our ongoing marketing initiatives.
2. Negative campaigns are strictly prohibited. (I.e. promotions that make negative, false or harmful claims about Getonfleek)
3. Coupon sites, redirect services and similar may not apply.